Honestly no weddings are a wedding without flowers. Flowers are your access card to creativity and implementation of color all over your wedding day in Portugal! They create a very personal feature, and allow you to integrate the theme of your wedding in a really smooth and appealing way for everyone present! From your initial walk down the aisle, to the simple decorations in your hair and your partner’s suit, to the bouquet and wedding decorations, there are so many varied and diverse ways of implementing flowers in weddings in Portugal. The decoration of your wedding is a very important feature of your wedding day in Portugal, as it is what most people will remember! From photographs to videos to people’s different specific memories, the flower decorations are the details that people will associate to weddings. It is also the easiest element to implement, and one that allows you to spurge on your favorite colors and types of flowers! Therefore, to inspire you on the different ways to implement your favorite flowers in weddings in Portugal, we decided to list the top 10 most beautiful ways of including wedding flowers in weddings in Portugal!



Chair garlands are usually used to decorate the Groom and Bride’s chair, however you can use them as decorations for all chairs, and then make bigger and brighter garlands for you and your partner’s chair! These flower garlands create great photo opportunities, as well as serving as elegant decorative touches to the weddings reception chairs.


Inverted centerpieces are used over the top of your wedding reception tables and usually hang from a ceiling or a chandelier. They create a unique sense of flower decorations and quickly uplift the style of your wedding reception table. You can choose whichever style of flowers you would like for these inverted centerpieces.


Floral table runners are used on long reception tables and cannot be used in round tables. Instead of having several smaller flower centerpieces, you have one longer one that runs along the whole table and falls of the sides. These table runners look beautiful and you can choose whichever style of flowers you’d like, as well as mixing and matching different styles and colors of flowers.


Cascade bouquets are absolutely stunning. Not only do you have a chance to pick as many flowers as you would like for your bouquet, but they also give this special and unique feature that adds both drama and a sense of a special occasion to your wedding design as a whole. Cascade bouquets are the most romantic and special styles of bouquets for a bride!


Flower aisle markers are used not only for a decorative purpose, but also to accentuate the aisle, and make it seem like you are walking right through a flower garden. These markers will look stunning and will make your walk down the aisle that much more special! White usually is the color used, however you can implement whichever color you would like for your wedding in Portugal! Also, because walking down the aisle is one of the most important moments of your wedding day, why not fully decorate the aisle? Put as many flower petals as possible, creating a bed of petals that you will walk over on the way to your groom. They decorate the ceremony area so nicely, and make the whole ordeal look like a fairytale. It is a really simple thing to do, together with the aisle markers, but it will look stunning both in pictures and for your guests!


Fresh cake flowers are used to decorate your wedding cake. You can choose to place them in a cascade format, around each layer, as a cake topper or even randomly placed all over the cake. Flowers as a cake decoration look so beautiful and yet so elegant and simple. Chairs at the altar during your wedding ceremony, you can also put the chair garlands on these.


Flower walls can be used in several different ways. As the backdrop to your wedding ceremony, as a decorative wall behind your wedding cake or even as a backdrop for a photo booth at your wedding in Portugal. The flowers can either be real and fresh, or you can choose to have paper flowers that look exactly like the real ones. However, whichever way you decide to implement a flower wall in your wedding, it will look absolutely stunning!


Flower chandeliers can be made solely with flowers, or you can choose to attach flowers to an already existent chandelier. Either way, it is an absolutely magnificent way of decorating your wedding reception and even your wedding dance floor! If you decide to have a wedding flower chandelier done from scratch you will need more flowers, however you can also be more creative and choose from a greater variety. If you choose to add flowers to an existent chandelier you will have less of a choice as you only need fewer flowers, however it looks absolutely stunning to mix flowers with little light bulbs from the chandeliers, giving the whole place a really elegant and beautiful dynamic!


Couples use flower wedding arches as a decoration for where they say their vows. Usually the priest, register, or chosen guest stands in the middle of the arch and the bride and groom stand on either side. Clients who have outdoor ceremonies instead of in a church or inside a wedding venue usually choose to have a flower-wedding arch. If you dream of an outdoor wedding, having a flower arch looks incredible and allows you to choose whichever flower you would like as a background for your wedding ceremony in Portugal!