Wedding Bouquets in Portugal

Wedding Bouquets in Portugal


There are several different types of wedding bouquets in Portugal, and one that can fit every different style and preference! Whether you prefer the more elegant single colored wedding bouquets in Portugal, or the messy colorful ones, whether you prefer the cascading wedding bouquets in Portugal or the tightly hand tied bouquets, we have the ability to do whichever style you like! You can choose any different type of flower to be included into your wedding bouquets in Portugal.

There are more expensive ones or cheaper ones, being the latter the seasonal flowers. From luxury weddings to vintage weddings, we can create the wedding bouquet of your dream, and ensure that the creativity is not lost in any of our creations. Do not forget that the wedding bouquets in Portugal – yours and your bridesmaid’s will be in almost all of the pictures, and it is a crucial part of whatever style of wedding you choose. Therefore, we are here to ensure that you fall in love with your wedding bouquets in Portugal as much as you have with your partner, and also to ensure that you do not get tired of seeing it year after year in all of your wedding pictures!


 the most typical styles of wedding bouquets in Portugal

See below which one fits your style!


The arm sheaf bouquets are usually quite sizeable, and are made to rest on your arm. They can include as many flowers as you like, and several different colors. Usually these bouquets are longer in size rather then round and tight.


Wreath bouquets are quite original and more circular than the rest. They look like actual wreaths, and usually are made with only one type of flower. They usually have one colored flower combined with greenery in a circular motion.


Cascade bouquets are held like the traditional bouquet, yet they fall in a cascading motion. You can choose as many flowers as you like to and as many different colored flowers as you wish for! It is a gorgeous styled bouquet, which definitely creates the wow factor to all of those that see it!


The Posy bouquet is a smaller rounder bouquet, which can have all the colors you wished for, however we tend to make them within the same colored palette, so that it has a concise color aspect to it. It is a very elegant styled bouquet, perfect for simple and elegant weddings.


A nosegay bouquet is round and more traditional. The stems of the flowers are all tied with satin, silk, or a more rustic looking rope, creating a place for you to have a strong hold on it. You can use several types of flowers and different colors for this type of bouquet. It can look quirky and fun or quite simple and elegant, providing you with a very versatile bouquet option!


Biedermeier bouquets are completely round and made out of different layers of different flower styles. Usually each layer has a specific color, however this is not a necessity, you can have the whole bouquet in one color. This is a great option as you can choose the 4 styles of flowers you love the most, and ensure that you include them all in your dream wedding bouquet.


Last but not least, the composite bouquet, which is a beautifully styled “one large flower” bouquet. By using petals of different flowers of your choice, put together to make one single big flower, is what makes the composite bouquet. What makes this bouquet so unique and elegant is exactly the fact that it is one big single flower. It is usually made also with one color to give it the real effect of being just one flower, instead of one flower made out of all the different petals.