Wedding Centerpieces Portugal

Wedding Centerpieces Portugal


The wedding reception is where the party element of your wedding begins, and its where everyone starts being in a super festive mood- where you sit down as husband and wife before all the people closest to your heart, and share your first meal as a married couple. It is a very emotional and significant part of your wedding in Portugal, so therefore the room has to be decorated in a festive manner as well! The first thing that pops out when your guests enter the room, are the different colors. Those colors come from the gorgeous wedding centrepieces in Portugal of flowers that we can create for you! The wedding centrepieces in Portugal not only decorate the tables, and add a festive touch, but they also create a re-occurring theme throughout your wedding day in Portugal! Therefore, pick a hand full of colours you like and re-use them throughout the flower arrangements in your wedding, ensuring that your theme is coherent and colourful!

The wedding centrepieces in Portugal are one of the best parts to design and plan with the couple, as there are endless outcomes and possibilities that you can do for your wedding reception tables! You can intercalate flower wedding centrepieces in Portugal with candelabras, candles, vases, small lanterns or even a conjunction of small and big lanterns. This is where the couple’s creativity together with our endless possibilities, can join forces to create the most elegant and unforgettable wedding centrepieces in Portugal.

The design of your wedding centerpieces is also largely dependent on the size of your reception tables, and the shape of your reception tables. Whether you have dreamt of large long tables, or round tables, this will influence the floral centerpieces chosen for your big day. Round reception tables are usually the most popular choice, as they look very elegant, allow you to maximize your venue’s space, and can fit more people per table then you could in squared or rectangular tables. Round tables usually ask for taller and rounder centerpieces, whilst long rectangular tables ask for longer and lower centerpieces. You can also mix and match flower centerpieces with fruits or other items you would like to make your centerpieces original and unique! Overhead hanging centerpieces are also a great decorative way of implementing flowers, and they look so cute when combined with fairy lights! The possibilities are absolutely endless!

To inspire you, we have included some of our most elegant and gorgeous centerpieces in real weddings!