What they Say About Us in the press

The Press in Portugal has been around since more than we can all remember, and it is a great way of publicizing all the goods about the different companies! One thing you can be sure is, if there are no articles in the Press in Portugal about a certain vendor, supplier, or marketer then most likely they are not that competent in their area of expertise. Therefore in the wedding business, like in any other direct business, we give a lot of attention to the Press. Including us here at My Wedding Flowers Portugal. We love the Press in Portugal, and love hearing about all the different times in which we have been mentioned! It is such a great feeling being contacted by a bride, who has heard about us through different media outlets.

Given our extensive work in wedding planning, many a time we have been chosen to be featured in wedding related websites/blogs – for us this is such an honor. To have our work be published in the Press outlets that we often look up to for inspiration ourselves is wonderful! Because we love our followers and readers so much, we decided that all our articles in the Press should be shared with our clients and potential clients. Therefore, we have decided to start posting all the different articles in which we are featured, so that you also get a glance at all our rewarding work!


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