My Wedding Flowers Portugal

My Wedding Flowers Portugal guarantees the best outcome in every single arrangement done for your wedding in Portugal.

My Wedding Flowers Portugal constantly keeps up with the newest flower design trends.

At My Wedding Flowers Portugal each customer is rewarded with something special for their wedding touched by our unmistakable taste. Tailor-made arrangements are exclusively designed for each customer, ensuring that each client is satisfied and passionate about our flower wedding design creations in Portugal.

From having a wedding on the beach to having it in a Palace, a Castle, a Fort or an Estate, we having the innovation and capacity to create floral designs that fit every single style. For us, not even the sky is the limit, as there are infinite possible wedding flower combinations available. You can choose to have vintage wedding flowers, luxurious wedding flowers, elegant wedding flowers, glamorous wedding flowers or even shabby chic wedding floral designs, within many other different possibilities for your stunning wedding in Portugal! We are experts in turning your vision into a reality, and providing the wow factor to everyone who sees your my wedding flower Portugal arrangements. We love our job, so whether you get married in Cascais, Estoril or in Sintra, we will not rest until every detail of your my wedding flower Portugal arrangements are perfected and ready to be presented to you.

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If you are looking for a glam wedding decoration, than tall wedding flower centrepieces must be your go to wedding flower arrangements. Not only do they take over most of the room’s decoration, making you save up a little on the rest, they also allow to create a colourful and luxurious feel to your wedding reception in your wedding destination in Portugal.


The bridal wedding bouquet is crucial at any wedding, especially because it is extremely photographed and appears in almost all of your wedding photos. Therefore, trust My Wedding Flowers Portugal to create the most beautiful, trendy, stunning and unforgettable bridal wedding bouquet for your wedding in Portugal.


 Flower wedding centrepieces are extremely important for your wedding in Portugal. No matter what style you prefer, My Wedding Flowers Portugal will ensure that you get only the best flower wedding centrepieces, in the most exquisite forms, and pretty styles, for your wedding in Portugal.

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